How Texas Began

Many believe that Texas began with the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto, where a small band of American colonists ultimately defeated a superior Mexican army for the right to govern the land they had been given. A total loss and a quick victory that created a new sovereign nation they called the “Republic of Texas.” The names David Crockett, Jim Bowie, William B. Travis and Sam Houston are probably familiar to most as legendary figures from the beginning of Texas history.

Although well-known, these battles mark the final chapters in the full story of how America’s Texas began, which actually started some sixteen years earlier with the help of one of the most influential statesman to ever appear in Texas history, yet a man whose name few will recognize.

He was known as the Baron de Bastrop and without his ingenious skills there would have been no colonists in Texas to fight for their independence in those epic battles. If not for the Baron, Texas would have had a much different beginning or not exist at all.

We hope you enjoy this first-ever dramatization of the chance meeting that sparked Texas into existence. A prequel to “The Alamo.” The moment Texas began.